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Letters, memos, e-mails, suffering from writing pains? The doctor is in and he can make those legal and business documents sound healthy and clear! If you have ever written a letter, a memorandum, or an e-mail and produced results that were the opposite of what you wanted, we can help. Part of the skill of producing an effective message lies in understanding the English language well enough to recognize when your message might to be misunderstood. Dr. Write's 30+ years of working as a technical writer, author, teacher, and trainer, have made him especially cognizant of such pitfalls.

Dr. Write has prepared the text for many web sites (including this one of course) and worked with many businesses and schools. He taught Legal Writing at a major U.S. law school and has edited company newsletters and prepared formal business plans. Whether it's a one-page letter or a lengthy legal brief, we'll work with you to make sure it communicates what you WANT to say, not what you MEANT to say. To select the "examining room" you'd like to visit, click on one of the red buttons below.


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