Mark Twain said "When a person has a poor ear for words, the result is a literary flatting and sharping; you perceive what he is intending to say, but you also perceive that he doesn’t say it." So, for starters, here are some more remarks taken directly from e-mails, on-line, discussions and assignments submitted to Dr. Write over the course of (too many) years. [If you want to contribute, just send your favorites to]

  • "I could have also wrote that 'What is a fear for factory worker's is now becoming reality in many different fields and job prostitutions".

  • "Flexibility and education are among the top requirements for landing a job in today’s market. With the technological advances of today’s work environment Jobs that were once conceder skilled trades are slowly becoming easier. A person seeking a job in today’s market needs to be prepared to adapt to the continuing changes in the working environment."

  • "Smoking while pregnant causes low infant birth weight, also known as premature birth."

  • "An sometimes love for my children over rule priority."

  • One student wrote about Corporate Training, but the title of the paper was "Corporate Tainting"

  • Another titled her paper "FOSTER CARE: A NEEDED NECESSITY"

  • "I also think the writer needs more detail on the detail of the effects on children."

  • "The Central goal of our nation’s national security strategy is to promote America’s prosperity though both at home and abroad Economics and Security interests are incurably inseparable (President Clinton 1995). India and China have thrown some Americans out of work but the word trend will ultimately lower inflation; create jobs in the United States (Rachel Conrad 2004) .Software Engineers have been hard to hit. Researchers at Global nsight Inc., predicted that Demand for the United States software engineers would shrink though 2008."

  • "Athletes got wind of the news and boom another performance-enhancing drug to be used by athletes." "This is because babies that are born premature have too small gestational which is where the conception and development is behind especially in the mind for their age."


  • "Hitler and Mussolini were especially clever. They incorporated intellectual humor and slapstick which made them totally unique."

  • "Yes, drama is all about mistaking yourself for someone else and sometimes you are not the person though, but some people might not be mistaken."

  • Words I have difficulty spelling is big words that can be hard to spell. I have learned tricks to spell them correctly by rereading my work and fixing the grammar or spelling. Most of my classmates know hoe to write pretty well and if they have trouble with hard words in writing just reread the stuff and make sure you have a dictionary in hand just in case you need it to spell a hard word. I really feel like I don't make any grammar error but if I do my instructor or any other person reading or hearing my words they will let me know.

  • There are great amount of crimes that are committed within a family. The more the assailant is involved with his victim’s family, the deeper his relationship with them becomes.

  • I would definitely think it an intrusion if the govt. came into my home and searched. On the other hand if they suspected someone of a serious crime I would want them to do this to try and stop it. I myself am not a criminal nor ever will be so I guess me saying I would not want them in my home is just that. I don't want them in my home, but others homes are fine with me!!

  • In other companies besides General Electric can lose a lot of jobs by 2015 more than lawyers in which it shows the graph from the article “Outsourcing the Lawyers”, the author of the CNN/MONEY article Krysten Crawford has showed us how it’s compared the jobs by 2015 can be gone. By 2015 many companies can lose a lot of jobs and General Electric since it’s the largest corporation they had the idea to employ lawyers in India in which they can learn and have the legal work reviewed and make sure it’s ok for the law.

  • In the play, “The death of a salesman” I believe the main character, Willy Loman, is portrayed himself somewhat as a tragic heroine. He was a heroine in his own world, by his own family and some that knew him very well.
  • I don't like to argue something in person because I would feel ashamed to tell a person like for example: "my friend said you are ugly." I can't approach someone and tell them something like that.

  • When the assignment was to read the screenplay of "Dr. Strangelove" a couple students wrote:
      o "While reading this movie script, all I could think of was us living in outer space on a space station, or in a Star Trek type situation. That is probably why I had no interest in either the movie or the book."

      o "General Jack D. Ripper is the culprit trying to start the war. His name is the same as a famous killer who they called Jack the Ripper."

  • On Nancy Reagan: "Nancy was successful throughout life. She was able to take an opportunity and turn it into a work in progress."

  • Most people have heard of Megan’s law whether they know it or not.

  • "It seems that everyone is trying to keep up with the 'Joan's' I do not know who the 'Joan;s' are...I have never met them"

  • Here are some excuses I've received. Some of them would get "A"s if the course had been Creative Writing.
    • "I was haveing problems with my computer. when ever I would try to go to class a screem comes up and says that I can not go."

    • "Since my return from the business conference I attended this past weekend, I have reassessed my goals, plans, and dreams and I have committed to catching up and passing this course. I feel awful, emotionally, for falling behind in doing my class and homework. My personal business support associate once told me that I will never succeed in building my business if I do not commit and be loyal to my business. I feel the same way with this course. I will not pass this course if I am not committed and am not loyal to it. That is why I have turbo-charged my efforts and will do everything in my power to complete all of the class and homework assignments on time, if not ahead of time, so that I will not fall behind again. I have realized that using the information I learn from this course in conjunction with building my business has been crucial in the success of my business. At this point in time, I want to thank each and every one of you for your help, guidance, and suggestions thus far; even though we have not completed the course yet. I have found a new meaning and I have more respect for this course and also for myself. I cannot even begin to describe the change I have experienced since the conference I attended this past weekend. I hope that one day each and every one of you; including the instructors, can experience the overwhelming sensation of newfound encouragement and excitement similar to what I feel at this moment in time. I apologize if I have taken up too much space and sound as if I am out of my mind; I just have to express my feelings to all of you and can only hope and pray that one day you all can feel the same way as me. Thank you for taking the time to read this and you can respond to this if you so desire."

    • "I apologize for the delay on my projects as I have been dealing with a blood pressure (BP) problem that affects my head, abdomen & both legs so much that since I went for two months without my BP medications (RX) all would swell up & create great pain. Sitting. standing & walking were impossible! All I could do during that time was lay down & rest. Anything else was completely out of the question! I did attempt to study while laying down, but ultimately would fall asleep - even if I didn't plan on it:(I did just recently get my am BP RX & am still working at getting it into my system. I still don't have the pm BP RX, so I still suffer with this problem at night, but not to the same degree. Since I work during the day & study at night I have only been able to do one or the other. It's not what I want, it's what I apparently have to deal with now. I do apologize. I applied to my state for medical assistance & was advised that I had to apply for Social Security Disability. Not really wanting to do that I haven't yet. But, if it means that's how I'm going to be able to get my am & pm BP RX & other medications, I'm probably going to have to apply. I feel like I'm between a rock & a hard place right now not really knowing what to do as I really want to do my studies, but my body (BP) isn't really cooperating with me on this! :( "

    • "...just want to tell you god less you and your family."

    • I was told in my other class that I had to have 60 words when posting to a substantial post for the post to count. Is that true? I been in class for five weeks, and none of my post be 60 or more words long when reply to some one else's post. Not all the time you have 60 words to say to someone. I do participate and my assignments are done. I am getting very frustrated

    • "hello .I know you dont allow late work. But pls can I finish week 6 tomorrow and get done with week 7. I have not been on due to the fact my daughter shut all my ulitiies off. I did call Alvin and I even walked to the library here and couldn't get into outlook express and you cant download anything there. thanks"

    • I want to point out that the reason why I have so many errors in my rough draft is because of my time management problem. I hastily did this essay in the attempt to have it posted on time for the class. One big problem I am facing at home is the constant distractions and interruptions I get from family members even after I request time alone to do my work. I am also having difficulties getting off from work when the time comes for me to go home because my work relief either comes in late or something occurs where I have to stay later therefore reducing the time I need to do my school work when I get home.

    • I received your corrections, I am in total agreement with your comments. I was going out of town Friday and did not check the paper after the spell check. I should have been more thorough. You had mentioned this was a C+ paper but had potential for an A, if the correction were done. Where you referring to future papers? or were you implying I could make the corrections and turn it in again?

    I like to ask for feedback from students. Sometimes it's discouraging, as with these gems.

    • "I do not think that if it wasn't for these writing stages, I would not have written a very good paper at all. "

    • "Thanks for all the assignments I had to revise, becuase I did learn from them assignments."

    And questions always seem to generate interesting answers..

      QUESTION: What penalties should they apply when they discover plagiarism?
      ANSWER: Academic probation or if it is a repeat offence the explosion.

      QUESTION: Even if we know our fate, can we avoid it?
      ANSWER: Faith cannot be avoided. This is why many of us hope and wish for a positive one.

      QUESTION: Are blacks discriminated against in the U.S.?
      ANSWER: "A major distinction that everyone is forgetting is that the Irish (and Italians and Poles and others) came here of their own one is stopping people that are black from leaving America. And the other minorities, no matter how they came here are still being discriminated."
      ANSWER: "I believe the whites were to blame for the economic and social injustices that the blacks suffered - slavery was a system that got out of hand and was abused by many people. The restrictions, or "slave laws" that were imposed through the government (white)changed the employer/employee relationship into something cruel by preventing the blacks from learning to read, worship as they wished and share their music and culture publicly."

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